Being a Fish Hobbyist: A dream since childhood

I have been thinking for a while about penning down few experiences which boosted my inner hobby/dream for being a fish lover and a hobbyist. Everybody these day has exceptional things or likes/interests in there heart, once they reach a certain stage they want to achieve, some ignore and don't let it work out. and some chase it after until they succeed.

This all started with a visit in Kerala, when I thought of visiting one of the fish farms, however due some unforeseen circumstances I could not visit. I always imagined a fish farm of my own. Watching the fish swim peacefully through the water gives me a relaxing and stress free view. The way it moves it's fins and swim in the water with no fear, indeed is a perfect view to watch. The scales and the color combination of it's body is amazingly and beautifully created by God. Sometimes I spend hours watching them. Usually everyone thinks fish require limited care and to clean water or aquarium after every week or two. They require minimal food and attention. However, being a hobbyist, I myself have experienced, it requires the utmost care, maintaining the quality of water and the right amount of nutrients in fish food must be given to maintain a fish healthy life.

We consider fishes are also a living creature (I own my fishes as my family - my pets) and it too has the right to live it's life happily, not in misery. Often I observed people keep the fishes in small bowls or may be a showpiece at home. How do we feel if we do not get enough space? If we are limited to access one room and locked inside? Yes, you thought it correct!! We feel suffocated, sad and depressed. We might also get sick and then die. Fishes should be given enough space according to it habitat.

If you liked this blog kindly share your Observation/Suggestion in comment section or write to us as Stay tuned, we will be soon writing about the first experience when and how this hobby started. Thank you for spending time with us. If you want you can also share your experiences and stories about how you started your time/hobby with fishes we will definitely publish the same in our blogs. Till the time stay safe and God bless you all.

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