Fish is real and amazingly beautiful

It has always been my pleasure to write about fishes because the actual reason I love them because they are beautiful . Once in my childhood, I remember of having an aqauarim, however never got interest in them. Once in for all I had cleaned my tank and stored in my room. The empty tank always reminded may b I can pet some. But I was not quite sure.

It was initiated now by my husband, Rahul and he brought a pond where in first we thought of just planting Lotus flower plant. Time and then we observed small small insects, mosquito larve could be found which actually was injuring the plant. We thought why not fishes, they will have a ample of space and natural habitat for living. The next day we brought few mollies and guppy fishes and let them swim around. The other day we also small fries were swiming in the pond. We had to take a quick move as the adult fishes were eating the young fries. We had brought other pond.

The interest then grew more and more day by day as it passed. We both had more interest in betta fishes and slowly and gradually now we have more than 300+ betta fishes including new sets of fries and breeding pairs. With this website and the blogs our aim is to mainly focus on new comers of new hobbyist like us. We are daily gaining new knowledge about fishes and it's behaviour. Hope you guys love this blog. Stay tuned while we write more...

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