Plakat Bettas: One of the varieties of Betta Fish

Today I thought of writing few things about one the favourite fish I like. Plakat Bettas. I was myself also observing these fishes and it's behaviour from quite some time. They are not that agressive, however when it comes to its territory, it is bit arrogant.

Plakat as bettas usually belong to places like Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, but are most densely concentrated in the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. If we speak about the natural habitat for bettas, specifically it lives in slow-moving water, rice paddies, small ponds, ditches. The unique quality betta fish have special gills, a labyrinth organ, which enables them to breathe air, allowing the fish to survive in harsh conditions as well. They also have tendency and also well known as jumpers. It can jump from one tank to another in search of food, to avoid other males, and to find mates. Tank-kept fish also jump, so do be sure you may choose a tank with a tightly fitting lid!

What are your observations about betta fish, do let us know also. We will also share the details about other fishes, it's food habits and other details as well stay tuned

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